Civil HoD

Civil Engineering


Mr. G.Swamy V.Karuna Sri

Professor Mr. G. Swamy V. Karuna Sri has been with us for the last 7years as a Professor and Head of the Department of the Civil Department in the university. He is responsible for the following committees: BoS-CE Chairman

He has prepared and handled courses for the Civil department, such as

  1. Engineering Mechanics
  2. Strength of Materials
  3. Structural Analysis
  4. DDRCS
  5. PSC
  6. Concrete Technology
  7. Geotechnical Engineering
  8. TE
  9. EE
  10. FM &HM

Professional Memberships: RILEM 

Research Publications (Paper/Poster/book/book chapters/citations/etc) :

  1. A study on effect of hydrocloric acid attack on compressive strength of concrete by replacing cement with flyash and metakaolin G.S.V. Karuna sri Journal of emerging technologies and innovative research 2018            ISSN 2349-5162
  2. A study on performance of SBR latex modified concrete in acidic environment S.V. Karuna sri International journal of research and analytical reviews  2018    E-ISSN 2348-1269, P- ISSN 2349-5138
  3. An experimental study on partial replacement of fine aggregate and coarse aggregate with crushed burned bricks powder and demolished concrete in concrete G.S.V. Karuna Sri International journal of research and analytical reviews 2018 E-ISSN 2348-1269, P- ISSN 2349-5138

List of Working models / Products developed / Incubation/start – ups &

List of projects received seed money

Developed an app called Kestimator to calculate total cost of construction of a residential building

List of NPTEL courses certification done

Advanced Concrete Technology

Faculty Development programs attended /Organized /resource person

An FDP on Scilab by IIT-Bombay