Old Question Papers

Old Question Papers
II-I BR20 Probability and Statistics VIEW
II-I BR20 Unified Modeling Language & DP VIEW
II-I BR20 Advanced Data Structures VIEW
II-I BR20 Python Programming VIEW
II-I BR20 Digital Logic Design VIEW
II-II BR20 Numerical Methods and Complex Variables VIEW
II-II BR20 Java Programming VIEW
II-II BR20 Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis VIEW
II-II BR20 Operating Systems VIEW
II-II BR20 Mathematical Foundations of Computer VIEW
III-I BR20 Computer Networks VIEW
III-I BR20 Formal Language and Automata Theory VIEW
III-I BR20 Data Base Management System VIEW
III-I BR20 Computer Organization VIEW
III-I BR20 Software Engineering VIEW
III-II BR20 Compiler Design VIEW
III-II BR20 Data mining and Data warehousing VIEW
III-II BR20 Design and Analysis of Algorithms VIEW
III-II BR20 Machine Learning VIEW
III-II BR20 Mean Stack Development VIEW
IV-I BR20 Cryptography and Network Security VIEW
IV-I BR20 Software Testing Methodologies VIEW
IV-I BR20 Mobile Computing VIEW
IV-I BR20 Nature Inspired Computing Techniques VIEW
IV-I BR20 Secure Coding Techniques VIEW
IV-I BR20 Management Science VIEW