Masters in Computer Application


Mr. AVSM Ganesh

Professor AVSM Ganesh has been with us for the last 15 years as an Associate Professor and Head of Department of the MCA Department in the university. He is responsible for the Academic and Advisory Cell and IQAC committees in the university.

He has been instrumental in preparing and handling various courses for the department, such as:

  1. Design and Analysis Algorithm
  2. Multimedia Application Development
  3. Computer Organisation
  4. OOPS Through Java

He is a professional member of ISTE, and has the following Research Publications and Journals to his name:

  1. Energy Efficient Multipath Routing protocols with Load Balancing approach in MANET in IJAEMA
  2. Performance Evaluation of AVODV Routing protocol with Energy Effectiveness in MANETS in IJAET
  3. Demanding Data Arrangement using Logistic Regresion with Error Matrix in IJARCSE
  4. Decision Tree and random Forest for Detection of Breast Cancer in IJAM
  5. Cyber Security Routing for Point to Point Networks in JASC
  6. Scattered Harmonious Optimal Object Coaching in Social Wireless Network in International Journal of Research
  7. Resolving Multi-Party Privacy Conflicts in Social Media
  8. The Mode Changer
  9. Catch You If You Misbehave - Ranked Keyword
  10. Search result verification in Cloud Computing
  11. Group Chat Mobile Application
  12. Robust Reputation management Mechanism in Federal Cloud
  13. Diplocloud: Efficient and Scalable management of RDF Data in the Cloud
  14. User Centric Similarity Search
  15. Music Puzzle
  16. Voice Speed Dialer and SMS Plus
  17. Breast Cancer Detection
  18. Automated Trap System with Custom Third Person Character Controller
  19. Weapon Collection
  20. Predictive Bank marketing Analysis
  21. Treasure Hunt with Dynamic Deadly Obstacles
  22. Energy and Memory Efficient Clone Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
  23. Connecting Social Media to E-Commerce cold, Start Product Recommendation using microblogging information
  24. DEYPOS: Deduplicatable Dynamic proof of Storage for Multi-user Environments
  25. Efficient Algorithms for mining top values in High Utility Item Sets
  26. Real time detection of Traffic from a Twitter Stream Analysis
  27. User-defined Privacy Grid System for Continuous Location based Services
  28. DDSGA: A Data=driven Semi-Global Alignment Approach for Detecting Masquerading Attacks
  29. Privacy Preserving ranked multi-keyword search for multiple data owners in Cloud Computing
  30. Improved Privacy Preserving P2P Multimedia Distribution based on Recombined Fingerprints
  31. Personalised Mobile Search Engine
  32. Malware Propagation in Large Scale Networks
  33. ORUTA: Privacy Preserving public auditing for shared cloud data
  34. Ask an Expert
  35. Provable multicopy Dynamic Data Possession in Cloud Computing System
  36. Distributed Three-Hop routing protocol to increase the capacity of Hybrid Wireless Network
  37. Online Shopping Cart
  38. Collective Offers
  39. My Personal Diary
  40. Dynamic Routing with Security Considerations
  41. Hostel Management System
  42. Online Grievances Management System

  43. Elegant e-Jingle

He has attended and organised Conferences and Seminars such as:

  1. Online FDP on Blockchain
  2. Data Science and Big Data Analytics FDP
  3. NPTEL FDP on Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases
  4. NPTEL FDP on Introduction to IoT
  5. FDP on Human Computer Interaction
  6. 1 Day FDP on Network Simulation
  7. Conference on ‘Demanding Data Arrangement using Logistic Regression with Error Matrix, organised bySri Venkatesa Perumal College of Engineering & Technology, Chitoor.
  8. Springer International Conference on ISCT-2019 organised by Anurag Group of Institutions, Hyderabad
  9. Convenor of a 1 day Seminar on Opportunities in IT Sector
  10. Convenor of a 1 day Seminar on Cloud Computing
  11. Convenor of a 2 day workshop on Mean Technologies
  12. Convenor of a 3 day workshop on Cyber Security
  13. Convenor of a 2 day workshop on Programming Skills

In his previous stint, he was an Assistant Professor at Samskruthi Engineering College, Hyderabad (2006-2007)