Master of Business Administration




Professor Satyanarayana Achanta has been with us for the last 10 years as a Professor and Head of Department for MBA, who also holds a PhD in Financial Management. He is responsible for the IQAC Committee and College Academic Committee.

He has been instrumental in preparing and handling various courses for the department, such as:

  1. Business Research Methodology
  2. Risk Management
  3. Advanced Management Accounting
  4. Business Environment

He has numerous International Journals and projects to his credit, which include:

  1. Outsourcing Financial Analysis of Human Resources management based on Decision Making Standards
  2. Dynamic Capabilities for Strategy of Human resource management for Management System
  3. Financial Performance of State Level Public Enterprises in Andhra Pradesh.
  4. Analysing the Supply Chain Model of Small and Medium Enterprises Financing
  5. A Study on Comparative Analysis of Assets and Liabilities at Lakkavaram, Andhra Pradesh.

Apart from this, he has been instrumental in guiding MBA students with their research projects in the area of Finance.

He has completed 12 weeks NPTEL Online Courses on:

  1. Financial Statement Analysis & Reporting
  2. Working Capital Management 
  3. Developing Personality & Soft Skills

He has been an active attendee and organiser of multiple Seminars and workshops, such as:

  1. Workshop on ‘Campus to Corporate’ at Swarnandhra Group of Colleges
  2. Workshop on ‘Demonetization and Digital Economics’ at SKBR College, Amalapuram
  3. Workshop on ‘Research Methodology & Report Drafting - Commerce, Management, and Social Sciences’ at Adikavi Nanayya University
  4. National Workshop on ‘Methodology for Management & Commerce Research”